Mind Mastery is a project providing educational resources in the subjects of psychology and philosophy. The starting point for approaching all material published on this site and on the related Youtube channel is curiosity - curiosity and wonder is what brings us closer to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world that we are part of.

My name is Joanna and I started this project many years ago, I think it was sometime in the autumn of 2013. Since then, Mind Mastery went through many changes and, hopefully, improvements. My goals, however, stayed the same - to share what I know and what I don't know. In essence, this project is an expression of my own journey into the labyrinths of the mind and reality around us. To know that people can also benefit from what has been published is an extra bonus. Bonus, simply because stating that my aim is to help people would put be in a rather uncomfortable position of authority or 'I know it all' attitude which doesn't reprent the nature of what I'm doing - because I don't know everything and I'm on the same boat with everyone else. I believe that each individual is in the control of their life, however limited or unlimited that control is. If, however, anyone doubts their power or feels lost, I'm happy to provide a support in getting their life on track and in gaining the understanding of themselves and their life they might need.

The approach I use to solve everyday problems varies accordingly to the demands on the situation. I've been strongly influenced by Eastern Philosophies, Buddhism in particular. The clarity and simplicity of this school of thought often differs to our Western ways of chasing after success, material wealth and social position. Although these goals are important, they are not the most important if we look at our lives from the broader and more distanced perspective, and consider issues such as authenticity, joy, kindness, suffering, relationships and deeper connection with the life itself.

I pursued a degree in psychology, hoping that it will provide me with more opportunities for deepening my knowledge of life and mind. The skill of a structured analysis and critical thinking that it provided me with helps me to organize my thoughts and express them in the clearest way I'm currently capable of. I've been mostly driven towards social psychology and psychoanalysis. In fact, psychoanalysis is not that different from Buddhism, considering the practical part and ignoring the whole philosophy or ideology behind. Both schools aim to create the particular conditions or a state of the mind in order to face the content of the unconscious. It is precisely what bewitched me - that there is always more to find beyond what we already know and what we are aware of.

Due to the demands of the services I have been offering, I also pursued a short training in Life Coaching which provided me with skills necessary to organize the coaching practice, deal with technicalities, and improve my communication and rapport building skills.

Summing up all the influences cited above, that's what creates Mind Mastery. There are many more ideas I haven't discovered yet and many more that will cross my path. For now, however, I'm grateful for what helped me to grow and create this project.