Life coaching

Mind Mastery life coaching will take you on a journey of self-exploration and development. I will support you in finding the right path, improving your ability to live in harmony with yourself and everything around you, and in becoming a more authentic version of yourself.

My approach to coaching has been inspired by several schools of psychology and philosophy. The core influences include Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophy, and theories of consciousness and perception. My qualifications include Bs(hons) Psychology and Life Coaching Diploma (accredited by International Association of NLP & Coaching).

All sessions are conducted within an easy going and friendly atmosphere.

Please bear in mind that this service is not suitable for people in severe mental distress. I don't conduct therapy!


If you want to book your session or have a question, please use the form below.

Available everyday, 11am - 9pm (current UK time)

Each session (voice chat or email) needs to be pre-paid before any session can take place

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Voice chat (60mins - Skype or Google Plus Hangout): £25 per session

Text-chat (60mins - Skype, Google Plus or Facebook): £10 per session

Email: Please contact me if you are interested in working with me via email

I also accept Bitcoins. Please contact me if you are interested in paying in this currency.

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