Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with Mind Mastery Life Coaching

Joanna Zbroniec, BSc(Hons) Psychology, IANLPC Life Coaching Diploma

Mind Mastery life coaching has been established with the aim of providing resources and opportunities for self-exploration and development. I offer a guidance and support on the process of self-actualization, individuation, and self-realization.

Each of us has an innate potential, inventory of skills, and motivations which strive to be expressed. Most of our difficulties in life stem from a simple problem of either not being able to express ourselves, not realizing our true self, or the avoidance of being the most authentic version of ourselves. As a result, we might feel stuck, bored, frustrated, or depressed – as if our life lost its purpose. With a sufficient honesty and support we can reclaim that lost spark and live more authentically.

I teach people how to be the most authentic version of themselves and how to find meaning and satisfaction in life. By using a unique combination of coaching and counselling, I can provide you with a safe and private space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Mind Mastery life coaching has been strongly rooted in existential psychology and philosophy, humanistic approach to therapy, and Jungian / Depth / Analytical psychology. Although my practice is guided by certain principles and methodologies from various schools of psychology, my approach is much more flexible than a regular therapy. My practice is strongly based on the friendly, relaxed, but also disciplined atmosphere of life coaching, adapted to the individual needs of each and every client. I take time to understand each person in order to offer the best possible support and guidance.

Coaching is evidence-based, meaning that we will be able to constantly monitor your progress. A change might take time, but some clients notice results after the first session. You can choose your own pace, frequency of our sessions, and how much work you are willing to commit to. Depending on your circumstances, I might challenge your beliefs, push you outside your comfort zone, or question your actions if I deem it to be beneficial to your growth.

Most importantly, our sessions & email exchange are entirely confidential. I will never share your details with third parties.


1. Is life coaching right for me?

Mind Mastery Life Coaching can help you with managing your life, provide you with coping strategies to deal with small and big problems, help you to be your true and authentic self, and support you on your path of self-actualization and individuation.

It's suitable for everyone interested in developing new skills, increasing self-awareness and self-understanding, and removing obstacles to own growth and well-being.

2. Is life coaching the same as therapy?

Therapy focuses on underlying dynamics which might affect our mental health and everyday life. It's mostly past- and present- oriented, whereas coaching focuses on the present and the future.

In some respects, coaching is similar to therapy. During a coaching session we might focus on your helpful and limiting beliefs and attitudes. We might also discuss strategies that could help you to achieve your goals.

I have borrowed certain principles and methods from the person-centred approach to therapy & Jungian analytical psychology. I believe in the importance of the safe, comfortable, private, and confidential environment to growth and development. I aim to support my clients in the direction that they believe is most beneficial to them.

I also tend to look for unconscious motivations and influences, as described by Carl Jung & the whole body of Jungian/Depth Psychology.

3. Does it work?

My practice is evidence-based, meaning that we will set goals and monitor your progress on a regular basis. Additionally, I will provide you with a regular summary of what has been achieved and what our direction is in order to keep our sessions focused on what is most important to you.

4. How long does it take?

To get the most from coaching I recommend to work with me for at least a month or two. It takes approximately 2 months to form a new habit, but everyone is different. Some people can experience benefits just after the first session, others work with me for a few months, and yet others – commit to Mind Mastery coaching for a year.


Steven, Australia
Thanks I think for once in my life I'm not confused about anything!

Jake, United States
When I first started working with Joanna my life wasn't working. I had everything that was supposed to make me happy but I wasn't and couldn't figure out why. Through working with Joanna, I came to find what I was looking for... not through more things, but learning to accept my situation, my life. I realized that happiness isn't what I was looking for, but it was in coming to understanding of my predicament. That my real problem was my unwillingness to let go of a fantasy that permanent happiness can exist. There is only change in this world, and through accepting that, I learned to accept myself and found something much more valuable than fleeting bits of happiness, and that is peace in understanding life is a journey, a journey traveled one step at a time.


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