Blade Runner 2049 from a Jungian Perspective

This carefully crafted film provides us with a number of lessons and messages. The first and foremost, rebellion leads to transformation. Rebelling on the personal level increases one's agency where we are free to follow our impulses, hunches, beliefs of


The Psychology of Internal Conflicts

Internal conflicts offer a tremendous opportunity to grow and to learn about alternative ways our life can play out. However, it is up to our ability to distance ourselves from what we know and feel, step outside the linear thinking and look at our confli


[Video] Understanding Dissociation

Dissociation is manifested as a maladjustment to the reality, an attempt to escape from it or an attempt to cope with uncomfortable feelings


[Video] Nihilism: The Way Out

Nihilist - the eternal child living in the eternal present, failing to perceive and name the figures that appear in front of him, calling them 'nothing', 'none', 'absent'. The one who refuses to engage himself in the stream of life, the one who refuse to


The Hidden Costs and Limitations of Self-Control

In order to be capable of control, one also needs to be capable of letting it go when necessary. Life is way too complex to box it into mere definitions of control or lack of it.


Some of my Thoughts on Choosing the Right Therapy

In this article, I discuss the traits of a good therapist and how to choose the right form of therapy.


In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice

Having easily accessible answers saves a tremendous amount of time and frees us to do other important things. Ignorance is a choice we didn't have before.


We Know Not Through Our Intellect But Through Our...

The point is to stay in touch with whatever happens to us and around us, rather than to only focus on our judgments and evaluations. Being within “The Experience” makes us intimate with the world.