The Joker Archetype and Personal Growth [Video]

In this video I talk about the positive and negative forms of the Joker (Trickster, Fool) archetype and provide practical tips on integrating the energy of this archetype into our lives and the path of growth.


5 Emotional Self Healing Techniques

Emotional self healing starts with kindness and compassion towards your own vulnerabilities and needs.


On Coaching Psychology || Is Coaching Right for Me? [Video]

In this video, I describe what coaching psychology is about and how to decide whether coaching is right for you.


Language, Experience and Feeling More Alive [Video]

On the relationship between language and experience.


4 Simple Techniques for Staying Grounded [Infographic]

Infographic with tips on how to stay grounded.


Four Types of Perceptual & Cognitive Distortions [Video]

Perceptual distortions occur when our interpretation of our experience isn't coherent with the experience itself - there is a mismatch between our understanding of what is happening and the actual reality.


The Stories We Tell Ourselves [Video]

On the importance of narrative & subjective interpretation.


The Transcendent Function & Personality Growth

The transcendent function is the mechanism of the psyche which allows us to assimilate new knowledge and experiences, and expand the existing structure of our personality and the way of being.