A Holistic Perspective on Motivation

Being motivated is therefore not only about developing harmony between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, but also about synchronising different levels of our being which could be described as survival, connection and self-actualisation.


Healthy Self-Love vs Unhealthy Narcissism [Infographic]

Comparing and contrasting healthy vs unhealthy narcissism


Overcoming Obstacles to Self-Actualization [Video]

How to overcome obstacles to self-actualization.


Individuation: Healthy Narcissism and NPD [Video]

Comparing and contrasting healthy narcissism with narcissistic personality disorder.


Moving From Problem Focused to Solution Focused Mindset [Video]

Solution focused mindset is composed of using problem solving skills & metacognition.


Tips on How to Deal with Dissociation [Video]

Understanding Dissociation Mind Mastery video:


Test: What are Your Emotional Needs?

This test will help you to determine which of your core emotional needs you should focus on in order to boost your psychological well-being.


Using Present Moment in Self-Therapy & CPTSD Flashback Management

Knowing that you are in the emotional flashback is the key. Stay present and observe your emotions: what are you feeling, why, what has triggered the feelings, what are you thinking