Test: What are Your Emotional Needs?

This test will help you to determine which of your core emotional needs you should focus on in order to boost your psychological well-being.


Using Present Moment in Self-Therapy & CPTSD Flashback Management

Knowing that you are in the emotional flashback is the key. Stay present and observe your emotions: what are you feeling, why, what has triggered the feelings, what are you thinking


Tips for Staying Grounded

A few tips on how to stay grounded. What does staying grounded mean to you?


Relationship Games: The Drama Triangle

Drama triangle is an example of the game we might play with others. Understanding common, unhealthy relationship dynamics by using transactional analysis will support us in forming conscious and drama-free relations.


How to Stop Procrastinating: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching

Accordingly to the CBC theory, in order to change our behaviour (in this case, procrastination), we need to change the way we think (in this case, what we think about the target task and about our experience of it).


How to Use Metacognition [Video]

Metacognition - thinking about thinking


Language of Responsibility & Authentic Self-Expression [Video]

Language of responsibility allows us to say what we mean, and mean what we say.


The Art of Not Doing

The benefits of “not doing” will be the most prominent if you time it right – too much of “not doing” might put you in a state of stagnation, and too much “doing” might burn you out and even confuse you.