The Games Your Inner Critic Wants You to Play [Video]

Tips on dealing with the inner critic and freeing yourself from guilt and low self-esteem.


The Transitional Phase of Self Transformation [Video]

What brings self transformation and how to move through transitional phase leading to self transformation.


How Personal Philosophy Shapes Our Development

Developing our personal philosophy is a very dynamic process – we shift our beliefs and values as we learn and gain new experiences, and we improve and change anything that's not working anymore.


How to Break the Cycle of Schema Activation & Influence [Video]

By using an example of the Dependence/Incompetence Schema, I will demonstrate the process of breaking the cycle of schema activation which will lead us towards living a more authentic and essentially, free life.


How to Set Personal Boundaries

We set personal boundaries not only in relation to others, but also in relation to different aspects of ourselves.


Gestalt Psychology, Basic Needs and Schemas [Video]

In this video, I'm exploring the gestalt cycle of experience, universal core emotional needs & schema therapy, which can help us to identify blockages (resistance)...


Coping Styles and Introduction to Schema Therapy [Video]

In schema therapy, coping styles are our reactions to schemas. Their purpose is to help us to cope with difficult feelings and emotions.


You Are What Your Make of Yourself

In each moment we have a choice of either becoming a victim of our circumstances or taking responsibility for who we are and how we react to every single event in our lives.