Personality, Skills and Creative Self-Expression

The successful creative self-expression will at large depend on how much in sync our personality, primary skills and skills proper are.


A Sociocultural Perspective on Ghosting

Certain social phenomena, such as ghosting, paint an interesting picture of our Western society.


What's Your Myth?

Examining Carl Jung's ideas related to the quest of searching for our personal life meaning - our myth that we live by.


The Art of Assertiveness [Video]

Being assertive is based on a mastery of several skills: developing inner security, confidence and self-acceptance; ability to negotiate; self-understanding and understanding of others; and ability to take risks.


Are You an NPC?

We've become so isolated, so self-centred, so overwhelmed that providing the world with NPC responses seems to be the only way to live for many of us. Such a way of life, however, will not get us anywhere we would enjoy staying for long


Schizoid PD: Behind The Wall [Video]

Looking at the further stages of development and recovery of schizoid personality disorder. Defence mechanisms, coping strategies, triggers, self-esteem


Difference Between Intuition and Anxiety [Video]

Discussing similarities and differences between anxiety and intuition.


5 Benefits of Creativity [Infographic]

Being creative is much more than being able to paint, write, or compose music. Creativity is a doorway towards a more fulfilling life.