How to Integrate Your Shadow [Video]

Shadow work and integrating our shadow gives depth to our personality and helps us to increase our ability to adapt to various circumstances.


How to Find Out What You Want in Life

Learning what we want is often closely related to finding our purpose and meaning of life. It's one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves.


The Phenomenology of Mindfulness [Video]

Enquiry into the phenomenology of mindfulness, theory and practice.


How to be Alone: Secrets of Solitude

Embracing solitude doesn't automatically mean that we should avoid others and give up on friendships. Rather, to lead a balanced life we need to be able to function in both states – being social and exploring the gifts of solitude.


Understanding the Psychology of Projection [Video]

A brief description of the psychological projection with the focus on the shadow.


Authenticity & Individuation [Video]

Some thoughts on how to develop authenticity / how to be authentic in relation to the individuation process.


Personality, Skills and Creative Self-Expression

The successful creative self-expression will at large depend on how much in sync our personality, primary skills and skills proper are.


A Sociocultural Perspective on Ghosting

Certain social phenomena, such as ghosting, paint an interesting picture of our Western society.