What's Your Myth?

Examining Carl Jung's ideas related to the quest of searching for our personal life meaning - our myth that we live by.


The Art of Assertiveness [Video]

Being assertive is based on a mastery of several skills: developing inner security, confidence and self-acceptance; ability to negotiate; self-understanding and understanding of others; and ability to take risks.


Are You an NPC?

We've become so isolated, so self-centred, so overwhelmed that providing the world with NPC responses seems to be the only way to live for many of us. Such a way of life, however, will not get us anywhere we would enjoy staying for long


Schizoid PD: Behind The Wall [Video]

Looking at the further stages of development and recovery of schizoid personality disorder. Defence mechanisms, coping strategies, triggers, self-esteem


Difference Between Intuition and Anxiety [Video]

Discussing similarities and differences between anxiety and intuition.


5 Benefits of Creativity [Infographic]

Being creative is much more than being able to paint, write, or compose music. Creativity is a doorway towards a more fulfilling life.


True Self vs False Self [Video]

Description & characteristics of the true self vs false self.


How to be Authentic?

As you can imagine, developing congruence or authenticity requires of you a certain amount of unbiased self-awareness. The key questions you might want to ask yourself in order to investigate a potential distortion...