How To Cope With Anxiety & Stress (Recovery)

Learn how to manage symptoms of anxiety, stress, and emotional flashbacks (CPTSD).


Choosing Growth: What Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

What does personal growth mean to you? Do you associate it with the concept of individuation or self-actualization? Do you see it as inevitable, meaning that it will occur whether you want it to happen or not? Do you experience a sense of agency or contro


Flow State: A Few Words on Overcoming Lack of Motivation

There is no magic behind achieving this flow state. There is no discipline that you have to follow, no chores or responsibilities that must be completed, and no strategies, tactics, or other motivational rubbish that you must follow. The only thing that y


Integrity as a Pillar of Self Esteem [Video]

In this video I will show you what is integrity and how to develop it. Our personal integrity is pillar of self esteem - so if we want to build our self esteem, we need to work on integrity.


Value System and The Feeling Function

The main function of feelings is to evaluate the value of whatever we come in contact with – whether it's another person, an activity, or our own behaviour. This evaluation occurs by comparing and contrasting...


How To Overcome Codependency

Take a positive step and learn what causes codependency and how to recover from it. Common symptoms of being affected with codependancy is low-self esteem, underachievement, persistent emptiness, and loneliness.


How To Stay Centered and Find Peace in Chaos

Here is a list of 6 tips that will help you to remain centred in every situation


How To Be Creative? [Video]

Learn how to think creatively, dazzle yourself with new ideas, and innovate your life.