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Equilibrium - The Philosophy of Mental Freedom (eBook)

Equilibrium-The-Philosophy-of-Mental-FreedomIn the current age of overwhelming amount of information, it is easy to lose track of who we are, what we want, and what life truly means to us. The highly competitive society which places a higher value on status rather than human relationships and authenticity, leaves many people feeling disconnected from their dreams and potential. Rebuilding this connection with ourselves enables us to build more meaningful connections with others and reality around us.

It is often the question of choosing authenticity versus appearance; essence versus abstraction.
How do we know which one is which?

Taking the right action will lead us to getting the outcomes we desire - we cannot change the outcomes, but we can change our actions. But in order to choose the right action, we need to have the right mindset.

“Equilibrium” is about the journey of creating and cultivating the mindset that can help us to find the clarity and freedom from mental forces which undermine our potential and drive. It leads the reader through the exploration of core beliefs about life, society and own mind.


Mustafa F.
I have just read the book. I think it is a great book. There are some really good ideas that are clearly described and helpful. You have done a good job. Thanks for writing this book and all the work you have put in to it.

Dominic, United States
This is a fantastic text which is succinct, thought-provoking, and candid. Equilibrium is a great key to help unlock parts of oneself one may not have ever considered existing. Well done, Joanna!

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