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Flow State: A Few Words on Overcoming Lack of Motivation

Posted on 2018-05-11 By Joanna


Imagine wanting to get or do something so intensely that it starts to bother you to a point where there is nothing in the world more important than your goal; nothing else in the field of your focus.

There are various degrees of motivation and reaching the highest level of it can make you experience your goal becoming almost an obsession, an annoying fly that you want to get rid of, or an itch that never stops itching. That's the power of motivation that each of us can achieve if we are only willing to put all of our attention to a single goal.

The funny thing is that when you are in that state – you don't even have to force or discipline yourself to work on your goal. You just stand up and do it because it's so clear to you that there is nothing else you could be doing that is as important as your goal.

And you know what? There is no magic behind achieving this flow state. There is no discipline that you have to follow, no chores or responsibilities that must be completed, and no strategies, tactics, or other motivational rubbish that you must follow. The only thing that you must do is to act now towards your goal. Not tomorrow, not in a week, not even in one hour – but precisely now. You don't have to read any books or listen to any podcasts – that would only delay starting your work. If you can feel it and if there is something left undone in your life or if there's something you've been thinking about doing, stop reading this article, get up, and do it. That's the whole philosophy behind the highest level of motivation.

What causes a lack of motivation?

The most common block to our motivation is that we think too much about it. We might be thinking that we are unmotivated, that there is something we have to do; we might be trying to figure out why lack motivation. The internal dialogue continues, we still remain unmotivated, and our goals remain unfinished. Why? Because we are so involved with our thinking that it's difficult to get out of our heads and actually do something.

Some of us might think that being intellectual will solve the problem. I've been there too - reading various research about motivation, listening to pep talks, calculating when it's the best time to act, and indulging in all sorts of types of intellectual masturbation in the hope of finding a true remedy to my lack of motivation. Remaining in my head continued and still nothing ever got done. I was just as unmotivated as I was before.

Motivation is about acting NOW

If you are still not convinced about the importance of acting now and you would prefer to know at least some of the methodology behind being highly motivated, here is my method.

First and foremost, you need to achieve a piercing and single focus attention by developing wholeness and harmony of your mind, body, and spirit. In other words, each part of you that contributes to what you define as 'me' has to desire the same outcome. When you are being pulled in different directions, your energy will get wasted on maintaining a coherence of your thoughts and actions, rather than on working towards your goals. For instance, you might feel that you want to do one thing, but then you might also think that you should want something entirely different. Or perhaps you might have a few creative ideas simultaneously, which are mutually exclusive and therefore will consume your energy by pulling you in different directions.

That brings us into the next important aspect of motivation – being clear with what you want. Thinking “Yeah, that would be nice to have...” is not good enough – it only shows that you are unsure. You need 100% clarity. Only then you can be 100% motivated.

“Reflection poisons desire.” - the longer we think about doing something or changing our lives, the less clear our goals will become, and the more uncertain we will be about what we truly desire.

Perhaps you are unsure what you want. And that's fine – why not making solving this mystery your next goal?

Lastly, your desires and need should ideally be organized into specific goals. A good strategy of organizing your goals and finding out what you truly desire is to find one, most important meta goal. Meta goal can be defined as a final outcome of all your actions and its completion depends upon another, smaller goals. Imagine having to choose only one thing that you desire the most – it could be changing your job, making a specific sum of money, developing a certain spiritual practice, or maybe getting more fit. There are countless possibilities. Once you choose that one, most important desire, all your goals in life should revolve around this specific meta goal. Then we can talk about a single-pointed focus, 100% clarity, and 100% motivation.

If you are still unsure of what you desire most or if you need help with defining your goals – I can help you with this. Alternatively, my workshop on expading awareness will provide you a fresh insight and perspectives onto yourself and your life, and in turn, help you to discover your potential and redefine your goals.

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