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4 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Posted on 2020-12-30 By Joanna


With a new year upon us, it’s all the more important to introspect, re-evaluate your purpose, and do what you can to fulfil your resolutions. One way to help you better reflect on your life is by asking support from a trusted group of friends or close family members. But sometimes, it’s best to approach professionals such as life coaches when the going gets tough. Life coaches foster collaborative and non-directive conversations to help you figure things out and provide you with insightful support. With that said, we’ve listed four benefits that you will get from a life coach.

1. Achieve self-confidence

One of the main reasons why people consult a life coaching service is to gain more self-confidence. An article by Psychology Today notes that self-confidence is closely associated with almost every element needed for a happy and fulfilling life. Not having self-confidence can affect your personal and professional relationships, make you feel less motivated, and experience an overall decrease in energy. Regular conversations with a life coach can help you realise your worth and slowly regain trust in your abilities ?— both of which can significantly boost your self-confidence.

2. Help you set attainable goals

Everyone knows that the key to finding success in life is learning how to set goals and doing everything you can to fulfil them. However, setting goals can become a quite overwhelming task ?— especially if you don’t know how to properly manage your priorities. Entrepreneur highlights the importance of the Goal Setting Theory, which is the proper way to go about setting goals. Here, they state how people are more likely to perform better if their goals are specific and concrete. For example, “Exercise three times a week” is more realistic than “Get fit.” Whatever you want to achieve, a life coach can help carve out a plan for you. ZenBusiness’ article on starting a life coaching business enumerates the many specialisations of life coaches today — from health and fitness coaches, to relationship and small business coaches. Not only can they help you be more accountable to your goals, but they’ll also be there to support you whenever setbacks occur. No matter which goals you need help with there will likely be a life coach who can help you.

3. Boost productivity and focus

If you’re a chronic procrastinator or just find it hard to find the motivation to focus on achieving your goals, life coaching sessions can benefit you greatly. Life coaches are trained to help you develop new habits and steer you on the road to a more productive life. This is possible through life coaching exercises that have your specific quirks, experiences, and intentions in mind ?— helping you strengthen your focus and concentration. You can do this through meditation and mindfulness activities that don’t only help you keep cool and collected, but can also potentially increase your attention span. As you gain strong willpower and learn how to focus on achieving your goals, you’ll be able to increase your productivity at work and have more time for maintaining relationships that matter.

4. Nurture relationships

The importance of having healthy relationships with those around you cannot be stressed enough. Whether its friends, family, loved ones, professional peers, and even acquaintances, a life coach can help you build healthy and genuine relationships. Indeed, some life coaches even specialise in relationship coaching. Life coaches will inform you on the best strategies to take when it comes to dealing with the people in your life. This may include how to de-escalate stressful situations and how to make yourself more vulnerable to the people that care about you.

If you’re having difficulty with certain aspects of your personal and professional life, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask help from experts such as life coaches. For more mindful information on how to deal with negative emotions, be sure to check our video on ‘How to Deal with Shame and Develop Self-Acceptance’.

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