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ASPIRE - Coaching Group That Helps You Grow

Led by Joanna Zbroniec, Coaching Psychologist

PGCert in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, BSc(Hons) Psychology, IANLPC Life Coaching Diploma

Join the community of like-minded people to gain new skills and reach your goals. ASPIRE Coaching Group will provide you with tools and guidance on personal growth.

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Current Coaching Program

Breaking Codependency Patterns

20th of September, 2020
Each Sunday, 5pm UK

125$ (20$ per session)

Do you feel guilty when you say “no” or when you want to focus on yourself? Do you struggle with knowing what you want and moving forward in life?

Feeling invisible and insecure, you might often say “yes” even if you want to say “no”, whilst beating yourself up for not living the life you want.

This ASPIRE Group Coaching program will help you transform people-pleasing habits into assertiveness and guilt-free self-expression. By joining this coaching program, you will gain clarity on who you are and what you want, combat your fear of failure and free yourself from the tyranny of perfectionism.

Joanna, a coaching psychologist with over 350 hours of coaching experience, will support you in applying evidence-based tools and techniques that will support you in recovery from codependency patterns and low self-esteem.

Who is it for

This coaching program has been crafted for people who are open to developing a new way of living and who are willing to challenge the social beliefs which keep them stuck.

Joanna's passion for building authentic human connections and supporting people in finding a way out of challenging situations will provide you with a unique experience of being listened to and belonging to a group of like-minded people.

What you will get

By joining this coaching program, you will receive:

  • Lifetime ASPIRE Coaching Group Membership – a community of like-minded people, accountability group and space for thought-provoking discussions
  • Six 1-hour group coaching sessions
  • One complimentary 1-hour individual coaching with Joanna
  • Tools and techniques that will help you build the life you want, develop confidence and create emotional security
  • 20% Discount on future group coaching programs and 1-1 coaching with Joanna


As a part of your membership, you will receive one individual and confidential 60-minute coaching session with Joanna who can help you to clarify your goals for the group coaching program. Joanna will be also available for a free consultation via email at any point during the program.


  1. Book your spot below (there are only 5 spots available).
  2. All group coaching sessions are conducted via Discord, within the Mind Mastery Community server. Once you book your spot, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to join the private ASPIRE Coaching Group channel. Create your Discord account here for free.
  3. Sessions are entirely confidential. Strictly no recording! Whatever is shared within the group, stays within the group.
  4. It is recommended that you book your complimentary individual coaching session with Joanna prior to the first group coaching session in order to clarify your coaching goals. However, the complimentary session can be also booked at any point during or after the group coaching program.


Randall Sin, USA
Joanna is a great coach and listener. She really listens and really makes you feel heard. I enjoyed breaking down my own process of flow in addition to hearing others on their processes. I felt very connected and deep in the calls especially the last two sessions. Joanna has a great skill in recapping and asking questions that really make you think and she ties these questions and conversations wonderfully. It really helps with how to apply and integrating these sessions to my own life. I really enjoy the conversations and deep discussions in the calls and in the community.

Dominic Crooks, USA
Joanna's methodology is straightforward, while non-restricting. She stays on point as the conversation progresses, and gently guides the conversation back to point if it goes too far astray. Joanna is punctual. She realizes the importance of the time she shares with her clients. Joanna did not discourage clients from bouncing ideas off of each other. While she led each session, she didn't do so with an authoritarian style. Sessions were more "laissez-faire", but not so relaxed the sessions lacked order. If a potential client is looking for a "boot camp" structure, ASPIRE's current methodology may not be them. Joanna doesn't try to force clients into a "one-size-fits-all" path. She was respectful of the various personalities within the group, and didn't present herself a higher entity. This is certainly important for those who are nervous or timid regarding sharing thoughts or feelings.

Anonymous, USA
Q.: What aspects of coaching sessions are you most satisfied with?
A.: In-depth discussion of strategies and concepts, follow-up on goals progress and discussion on how to make better progress. As an ongoing program, it created more accountability. Sharing experiences was cathartic and informative.

What to expect

Coaching psychology focuses on growth and enhancement of performance of individuals. As a group coach, my role is to facilitate this process by providing various tools and exercises that aim to support you in the process of self-exploration, planning and problem-solving. Learn more about my approach HERE

During each session, you will get an opportunity to participate in a discussion centred around your goals and challenges, ask questions and receive guidance on planning your next steps in order to reach your goal.

By joining this friendly and open-minded community of like-minded people who face similar challenges, you will gain new skills and broaden your self-understanding – all from the comfort of your home.

If you're not sure whether group coaching is right for you, please schedule your free consultation with Joanna. Alternatively, you can join the existing community of like-minded people during one of my Youtube Live Workshops where you can participate in thought-provoking discussions.

Please note that successful coaching outcome depends on your commitment, honesty and practical application of your learning.

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