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How To Be Creative? [Video]

Learn how to think creatively, dazzle yourself with new ideas, and innovate your life.



What's Stopping You? [Video]

What do you think about self-awareness? Do you find it beneficial or limiting?



Staying Sane in an Insane World

Knowing all that, what can we do about it – not only in terms of coping with these problems on a personal level, but also in terms of facing them in everyday life through interaction with others?



Where Do Thoughts Come From? [Video]

A simple enquiry into our mind and thinking processes.



Kundalini Awakening, Mystical Experience, and Psychosis [Video]

"Whatever happens in the fantasy must happen to you. You should not let yourself be represented by a fantasy figure. You must safeguard the ego and only let it be modifed by the unconscious, just as the latter must be acknowledged with full justifcation a



Karen Horney, Self-Realization, and Neurotic Culture

What happens to the self-realization drive stunned by neurosis? First of all, the true self-realization never occurs. As Horney puts it, instead of actualizing the true self, such individual will strive towards actualizing their false self – the mask the



The Optimal Mental Diet [Video]

You are what you eat. Can the same be said about consuming information?



Beyond The Boundaries of our Mind

We tell stories to ourselves about who we are, how the world is, what we experience. We must do it otherwise how else could we understand the world? However, because we are attached to these stories, we are not in the world but inside our heads. As a resu


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