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Some of my Thoughts on Choosing the Right Therapy

In this article, I discuss the traits of a good therapist and how to choose the right form of therapy.



In the Age of Information, Ignorance is a Choice

Having easily accessible answers saves a tremendous amount of time and frees us to do other important things. Ignorance is a choice we didn't have before.



We Know Not Through Our Intellect But Through Our...

The point is to stay in touch with whatever happens to us and around us, rather than to only focus on our judgments and evaluations. Being within “The Experience” makes us intimate with the world.



The Uninvited Guest: How to Handle Jealousy

Jealousy is like an uninvited guest. Understanding the role of ownership and detachment can support us in learning how to handle jealousy.



Cognitive Dissonance as a Tool for Acquiring New Knowledge

Cognitive dissonance manifests as an experience of mental tension that is caused by holding two or more conflicting beliefs, thoughts or feelings. In order to resolve it, we need patience and resilience that can support us in withstanding tension.



Individuation: the Path to Authenticity and Self-Realization

It is not about breaking rules, becoming selfish or narcissistic. Neither about separating one’s self from the world entirely. But rather, it’s about developing a healthy relationship with what’s around you.



The Psychology of Shame - Jungian Perspective

Although shame often provokes a wish to hide, it doesn’t necessarily mean we have to interpret it in a negative light. Shame guards our internal world and regulates how much we want to share with others and how much we want to keep private.



Perception: Personal Bubble of Reality

When we do include everything that is not based on a direct observation of reality and experience of it, our perception becomes clouded with opinions, assumptions and various beliefs. By this process, we create our own reality bubble. We might be either e


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