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How to Find Your Shadow Self [Video]

Shadow self has been defined as a cluster of our personality characteristics, drives, feelings and beliefs we are unconscious of. In this video, I discuss the major ways that could help us become aware of it.



The Role of Persona in Shadow Work

Video on the importance of understanding your persona in the process of shadow work.



Flow States – an Antidote to Boredom and Apathy in Three Steps

Boredom and apathy have a few characteristics in common. When bored, we usually experience just enough energy to do something, but we don't know what to do with that energy. In apathy, our energy levels are usually low.



Schizoid Personality: Healing the Core Wound [Video]

In this video, I discuss the core schizoid wound and summarise the steps of the trauma recovery.



Encounters With the Unconscious - Part 1 [Video]

Thoughts on how to live in a balanced relationship with our unconscious and the significance of self-awareness in the path of growth and development.



How to Stay Committed to New Year's Resolutions

The more work you put into organising and planning your goal, the bigger your chances that you will succeed - and the less work it will take to get to your destination.



Winter Solstice: Getting Closure and New Year's Resolutions [Video]

In this video, I discuss why we tend to fail to stick to our New Year's resolutions and how to use the time of the Winter Solstice to get in touch with our authentic self in order to set personally meaningful goals.



What Stops You From Being Present [Video]

Video on why it is so hard to live in the present moment & what stops you from being present.


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