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The Child Archetype - Healing our Past [Video]

The Child Archetype is associated with our personality development as it forms the baseline of who we are. It influences how we perceive, interpret and understand the world around us.



Psychology, Astrology and Zodiac Archetypes - Interview with Athen Chimenti

Today's interview is with Athen Chimenti from Mastering the Zodiac. We discuss the relationship between psychology, the unconscious, zodiac archetypes and true sidereal astrology.



9 Tips on Becoming a Master of Your Mind

The process of becoming a master of your mind starts with expanding awareness, staying grounded in the present moment and taking responsibility for your actions.



Tips on How to Overcome Emotional Numbness & Dissociation [Video]

In this video I provide some tips on what to do when we are feeling emotionally numb and how to start overcoming emotional dissociation.



Solitude vs Loneliness - What's the difference? [Video]

In this video I discuss the difference between solitude and loneliness. I also provide some tips on how appreciating solitude can help us to deal with loneliness.



"Why am I stuck?" The Challenges of Personal Growth

Being aware of this important phase of growth is a key moving away from feeling stuck in between stages of development.



The Sage Archetype and Inner Wisdom [Video]

The sage archetype manifests itself in our lives through our ability to tune in to our own inner wisdom. It can also teach us through others - teachers, advisors or mentors.



The Joker Archetype and Personal Growth [Video]

In this video I talk about the positive and negative forms of the Joker (Trickster, Fool) archetype and provide practical tips on integrating the energy of this archetype into our lives and the path of growth.


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