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Awareness and Dissociation Workshop

The Awareness and Dissociation Workshop

This Awareness & Dissociation Online Workshop provides techniques on developing awareness, overcoming dissociation and teaches how to stay grounded in the present moment.

Learn how to:
  • Stop zoning out and stay grounded
  • Increase presence and present moment awareness
  • Address emotional dissociation and numbness

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Equilibrium - The Philosophy of Mental Freedom

Equilibrium - The Philosophy of Mental Freedom (eBook)

“Equilibrium” is about the journey of creating and cultivating the mindset that can help us to find the clarity and freedom from mental forces which undermine our potential and drive. It leads the reader through the exploration of core beliefs about life, society and own mind.

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The Secrets of Creativity

The Secrets of Creativity (eBook)

This step-by-step guide to well-being and creative lifestyle teaches:

  • How to improve the quality of your creative thinking by using different thinking strategies
  • How to find your creative path and passion leading to a sense of purpose and well-being
  • How to combat blocks to your creativity and find a way out of being stuck in a routine and feeling as if your life lost meaning

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