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Mind Mastery Path

Learn how to:

  • Find meaning and a new direction in life
  • Expand self-awareness and increase emotional intelligence
  • Discover your true and authentic self

Mind Mastery is a project developed by Joanna Zbroniec, coaching psychologist, that focuses on the process of self-actualization and individuation. It provides tools and resources on developing awareness, staying grounded in the present moment and increasing self-knowledge and understanding.

Mind Mastery Coaching is rooted in evidence-based practice (coaching psychology), meaning that it focuses on applying existing psychological models and theories to practice. It is a combination of humanistic and cognitive-behavioural approaches that have been established throughout the years and are action- and results-oriented.

Mind Mastery Coaching

Mind Mastery Coaching

supports people in becoming more authentic and present by providing tools and resources that aim to increase self-awareness and self-understanding

As your coach, I will support you in discovering your direction in life that aligns with your true self and provide you with a safe environment to explore and address your feelings, beliefs and challenges.

Mind Mastery Awareness and Dissociation Workshop

Awareness and Dissociation Workshop

provides techniques on developing awareness, overcoming dissociation and staying grounded in the present moment.

Learn how to:
  • Stop zoning out and stay grounded
  • Increase presence and present moment awareness
  • Address emotional dissociation and numbness



Self-Authorship Guide - Tips on How to Reinvent Yourself

Self-authoring individuals strive for autonomy and freedom from the automatic and unconscious ways of thinking and behaving. They go above and beyond “I am who I am” and take responsibility for their identity, behaviour and decisions.


Beyond Feelings of Inadequacy

The distinct characteristic of feeling inadequate is not insecurity or lack of confidence – although we might label this state as such. It is rather, ambivalence and uncertainty about who we are and how to act accordingly to our self-concept.


4 Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Life coaches foster collaborative and non-directive conversations to help you figure things out and provide you with insightful support. With that said, we’ve listed four benefits that you will get from a life coach.


Stop Trying to Make Something Happen [Video]

When we try to control our feelings, people or situations - or when we try to make something happen, it's difficult to let things go and flow through life.


Are you a People Pleaser? [Video]

What's wrong with being a people pleaser and how to stop excessive people-pleasing, especially if you are codependent.


Why is it So Hard to be Yourself? [Video]

Thoughts on living in harmony with the true self.

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