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Joanna Zbroniec-Chimenti is a trained coaching psychologist with a mission to help others in developing greater self-awareness and living consciously and purposely.

Her journey with psychology started around 2010 when she became interested in Eastern philosophies and Jungian theories. She then started regular meditation practice alongside her academic studies, which have helped her to live more mindfully and expand her understanding of the human mind.

Thanks to her challenges with depression and social struggles at a young age, Joanna was able to develop her skills of self-discipline, independent thinking and strength to walk her own path. Her earlier interest in altered states of consciousness has provided her with unique experiences that to this day shape her thinking, goals and ways of working with others.

Her goal is to share her insights and knowledge by translating highly abstract ideas into practical and easily understood concepts and tools.

Coaching Style

Joanna's coaching style is a unique blend of evidence-based coaching approaches and intuition. Guided by Gestalt, humanistic and developmental psychology and theories, Joanna aims to support her clients in their journey of self-transformation, expansion of awareness and learning to live more mindfully. In addition to working on practical goals, Joanna offers her clients an opportunity for self-reflection, developing new ways of being, finding fresh meaning in life and self-authorship.

Completing MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and BSc Psychology has provided Joanna with skills of critical thinking, applying psychological theories in practical ways, and creating her results-driven coaching practice.

To ensure high-quality coaching sessions, Joanna takes time to understand her clients by engaging in regular self-reflection, which enables her and her clients to continuously work on unconscious biases and expectations. Her work doesn't end at the end of the coaching session. She spends time between appointments on reading and learning how she can best serve each client. In this way, they receive personalised support and full attention.

Seeing her clients flourish, gain greater autonomy and experience a new sense of well-being is one of the most rewarding aspects of her work. Especially, being able to support and witness a client's process of gaining sudden insight into themselves and seeing a clear path forward.

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