Mind Mastery 1-1 Coaching

Joanna Zbroniec, Coaching Psychologist

PGCert in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, BSc(Hons) Psychology, IANLPC Life Coaching Diploma

Mind Mastery Coaching supports people in becoming more authentic and present by providing tools and resources that aim to increase self-awareness and self-understanding. As your coach, I will support you in discovering your direction in life that aligns with your true self and provide you with a safe environment to explore and address your feelings, beliefs and challenges.

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Areas of Expertise

The most common obstacles that prevent us from knowing what we want and moving forward in life include dissociation (zoning out), low self-esteem and confidence, and challenging feelings and emotions, including CPTSD (trauma) and emotional flashbacks. As a result, we might feel conflicted, lost or empty.

Mind Mastery Coaching addresses these obstacles by focusing on your natural, self-actualising tendency (person-centred approach), bringing your attention to the dynamics and processes that occur within present moment (Gestalt approach and phenomenology), and offering alternative perspectives that will broaden your perception and self-understanding – including shadow work (Jungian psychology).

Additionally, all coaching sessions are structured and action- and results-oriented, and will support you in organising your life and developing plans for the future. By addressing your current beliefs and their influence on your well-being and actions, you will gain an increased control over the direction of your life and freedom from limiting mental states and habits (Cognitive-behavioural approach & elements of schema therapy).


I found it helpful. It allowed me to realize how many options I have in terms of interpreting myself/wants/opinions/assumptions. Even though I was nervous before every session, Joanna's demeanor and tone put me at ease. I'm looking forward to the next session sometime in the future.

I.S., Scientist, London
Joanna is speaking from a place of deep knowledge but also of deep personal understanding. She has a combination of confident self-containment and capacity to relate to others on a deep level. In my left-brain dominated life, the coaching sessions with Joanna help me become more conversant with my right brain through introspection, integration and spirituality - all of which I thoroughly enjoy.

It was a very positive experience to have a person that is fully focused on you for one hour. I have learned to analyse the mechanisms that influence my way of thinking, my feelings and my behaviour. And I have found a new orientation for my life in many aspects.


1. Is Mind Mastery Coaching right for me?

Coaching has been defined as a creative process that focuses on growth, enhancement of performance in personal and professional life, and development of self-awareness and understanding. My role is to facilitate this process and support you in moving towards the outcome that you desire.

During our sessions we will focus on exploring your hopes and dreams and then work towards achieving goals that are aligned with your authentic self. Depending on your circumstances, I might challenge your beliefs, push you outside your comfort zone or question your actions if I deem it to be supportive of achieving your goal.

It is quite different to therapy as it doesn't focus on fixing or healing any mental health conditions. Instead, it starts with the premise that you already possess all answers and abilities necessary to succeed – we just need to find them!

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If you have any questions or if you're not sure whether Mind Mastery Coaching is right for you, please schedule your free 20 minutes introductory consultation with Joanna.

2. Does Mind Mastery Coaching work?

Mind Mastery Coaching is rooted in evidence-based practice (coaching psychology), meaning that it focuses on applying existing psychological models and theories to practice. It is a combination of humanistic and cognitive-behavioural approaches that have been established throughout the years and are action- and results-oriented. (learn more: [1], [2], [3])

The most important influence on the effectiveness of coaching is the relationship between the coach and their client. I'm dedicated to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere within all coaching sessions in order to help my clients feel understood and cared for.

All sessions are private and confidential. I will never share your details with 3rd parties without your permission.

3. How do I start and what a coaching session is like?

If you're interested in working with me, please use the calendar below to check for availability. You can start by booking either a free introductory consultation or your first session. Each session (apart of the introductory consultation) needs to be pre-paid before any session can take place.

During your first session, we will explore your expectations of coaching and what do you hope to gain by working with me. We will also agree on the duration of the coaching program and the frequency of our sessions. Please be aware that your goals and the length of the program might change as you increase your self-awareness and discover new priorities.

The structure of each session depends on your goals and ideal outcomes. Some sessions might be more action-oriented than others, some might have a specific outcome, and some others might be based on a pure exploration of your drives, feelings and beliefs.

There is no obligation for you to continue coaching and you can withdraw at any point. Please bear in mind that the successful coaching outcome depends on your commitment, honesty and application of your learnings in practice.

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Apart from online video-chat sessions, I also offer face-to-face coaching. My current location is Madeira, Portugal. Please get in touch if you are interested in this form of appointments.

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